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Brad Kamanski The People’s Program

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The People’s Program Cash Credit System


The People’s Program Cash Credit System:

There is one of several features in The People’s Program that I really like but the Cash Credit System has to be one of my favorites! So many people do not understand it so I will try to explain it for you because it really makes The People’s Program worth joining!

Since I was the first person to innovate this feature (I never called it the Cash Credit System) into one of my earlier cash gifting programs it’s quite easy for me to explain.

Let’s assume you join The People’s Program at the $500 level today! Next week your postcards arrive and you start to mail them every Friday like I advised. A week later you get a person who decides to join at the $1000 level. Remember, you are qualified at the $500 level! Here is how the gifts are disbursed:

You would receive $400 out of the $1000 which leaves $600 left over. The $600 rolls up to me and my sponsor. The minute we “confirm” the gifts the Cash Credit System automatically REWARDS you with a FREE upgrade to the $1000 level!

And the greatest part is that the software works behind the scenes and does it ALL flawlessly every time! The Cash Credit System was responsible for getting me to the $10,000 level!

This is one of many innovations and features of one of the best cash gifting programs ever developed…The People’s Program! Take a tour today! Click Here!

Brad Kamanski The People’s Program Founding Member

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All Mini Sites Are Closed For Good!


All Mini Sites Are Closed For Good!

Due to circumstances beyond my control PayPal ruled that my Mini Sites were MLM and according to their Acceptable Use Policy they have asked me to close them down! I am very sorry to have to report this sad news but it is impossible for me to overturn their decision! I wish ALL the members the best in every endeavor they undertake! Be blessed!

Brad Kamanski Administrator for the $20 Mini Site, Lazy Wealth System, $100 Mini Site, and $10 Downline Club.

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