Brad Kamanski Shares A Story From A Guy He Thought Was A Better Marketer


Brad Kamanski Shares A Story From A Guy He Thought Was A Better Marketer…Just not a good mathematician!

Actually the person I am referring to is a great Internet marketer but being a great marketer does not always mean they are any good at math! I had written him a reply last night and introduced him to Extreme Cash Daily.

His response I found quite humorous. He told me that at this time he was trying to reach the goal of $88,000 a month in Traffic Wave. Here is why I found it funny and that it is a mathematical certainty that he will NEVER reach it!

I am assuming that by now Brian Rooney has close to 100,000 people in Traffic Wave. It might be more it might be less. My answer is hypothetical. Bear with me. If everyone is shooting for the goal of 88,000 downline members you would need EIGHT BILLION, EIGHT HUNDRED MILLION TO GET THERE! Now, I am NO GENIUS but that seems like a mountain to climb greater than Denali and Mt. Everest put together!

I have no issues with people dreaming. Even I long for the days of $20,000 to $30,000 a month which with Extreme Cash Daily at least it is a very achievable goal and not some “Pie in the Sky” pipe dream with a ten level matrix!

Traffic Wave is one of the best auto-responders in the Internet World and if you use it for the main purpose intended you are gold. However, filling the matrix is about as doable as filling the Ocean with sand…GOOD LUCK!

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Email Processing For Cash


Email Processing For Cash:

One of the most simple yet effective programs ever designed is the Email Processing For Cash system! All you do is place tiny ads online. Don’t worry. All the ads are pre-written for you and there is a list of places to place them!

When someone responds to your ad you are sent an instant $25 payment right to your PayPal account! Immediately after receiving payment you send them a Thank You email with the back office information and marketing tools. Pretty simple task for great pay!

Since I like to fully disclose what my customers are joining I will also let you know up front that you can build your own website using Webs or Weebly but for only $10 more you can have Ya Ya Services build and host one for you! I believe this route is definitely the way to go! Plus you get two websites you can choose from! And they are very nice sites too!

If you would like to learn more about Email Processing For Cash take a minute and visit the website today! You will NOT regret it! Click here!

Brad Kamanski Big Money No Job

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