Postal Cash Money Join My Team And Get Access To Order Pulling Postcards!

Postal Cash Money Join My Team And Get Access To Order Pulling Postcards!

When you join me in Postal Cash Money at any level I will give you access to my own special resources for Leads and order pulling Postcards! Look at the sample below. That is just one of many you can choose from! If you are good at ad copy I also have custom templates you can write whatever you want! Join me today! ID #777  Click Here!

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I Love Websites That Say Making $5k-$10k A Month Is Simple!


Liar Liar Pants On Fire!

The Internet has become so competitive over the years that the dream selling liars maybe should adjust their claims and make them more realistic! (fat chance) The days of pulling in $5-$10 thousand dollars a month are not only in most cases a dream but an outright lie of the owners who make such silly claims!

What is even more sad is that people still believe the hype and bullshit and happily shell out their hard earned money to join these programs! Or should I call them “systems”? Another buzz word for you are going to get “greased”!

If you see a website that has a “proprietary system” that will get you to $10k a month in the next six months not only should you run for the hills but put a lock on your wallet too! I am fed up with all these bogus claims!

Making money on the Internet has become real hard and that is the reality. However, you still can carve out a niche with blogs, traffic exchanges, and good old fashioned diligence! I make my living from the Internet but I see the future as using the Internet to support my income as a backup not a leader! What I mean is using Direct Mail or National Business Publications to send them to my website so they can learn more and decide to join that way! It just makes so much more sense!

This week has been a great time to reflect on my businesses and rant a little too! I just want people to know that if you are going to make money online you must know that it takes hard work…lots of it! There are NO FREE lunches! Be blessed!

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